House rules

Welcome in the Walaeus Medical Library 

Please pay attention to the house rules:

  • The Walaeus Library, including the entrance with train seats, cloakroom and classrooms (J1-80, J1-82, J1-83 en J1-84) is a silence area.
  • No coats and bags allowed; use of cloakroom obligatory (lockers available).
  • No food and drinks allowed (lockers available).
  • Use of the library primarily for LUMC-staff and (bio)medical students.
  • No one shall reserve a working place in the Library by leaving library material or personal property on a reading table. Material and property left at a vacated working place may be removed by a Librarian.
  • Use of photocopiers restricted to copying library materials.
  • Silence required; do not disturb other visitors.