The books in the Walaeus Library are organised using the classification by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Books from the Walaeus Library can be borrowed after presentation of a valid LU-Card.
The LU-Card is the library pass of the Leiden University Libraries. This pass can be obtained upon presentation of a LUMC-badge or valid identity document.
The pass is free of charge for employees and students of the Leiden University and of the LUMC, for others the cost is € 30,- a year.

More information regarding the LU-Card can be found at

The maximum loan of Walaeus Library is three weeks. The loan can be extended four times for the duration of 21 days, unless the book has been reserved by another client.
A maximum of 10 books can be simultaneously borrowed from the Walaeus Library.
Borrowed books are not allowed to be taken abroad.

The Walaeus Library doen not loan: loose-prepared works, study books, dictionaries and books with a yellow marking (mostly Handbooks).

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When your late returning books

Books can be borrowed from the Walaeus Library for the duration of three weeks. After this period has passed, you can receive recalls:

  • 1st recall: no fee yet. You can still extend your loan unless the book has been reserved by another client.
  • 2nd recall: no fee yet, Youcan still extend your loan via de informatiebalie unless the book has been reserved by another client.
  • 3rd recall: € 5,- fee for each borrowed book, your library account will be blocked and all loaned books need to be returned.
  • 4th recall: last warning per letter.
  • 5th recall: the fee will be transferred to a debt collection agency. Your library account will be blocked until all costs have been paid to the agency and the Walaeus Library has received confirmation. You will be obliged to pay the costs of replacing the book( € 75,-  per boek) an d the agency costst (15 % of the total replacement value with a minimum of € 40,- excluding VAT).

Recalls are a service of the University Libraries from which the borrower can not derive any rights.