1. What is EndNote?
2. How can I install the software on my LUMC computer?
3. How can I install the software on my home computer or laptop?
4. How does it work? / English Manuals

1. What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic software package that enables you to organise and manage a personal library with literature revferences. An EndNote Library can be filled with search results from databases such as PubMed, Embase and Web of Science. There is also an option to add references manually, for instance references of bookds, chapters or websites.

An EndNote Library can be arranged based on several characteristics and subsets of records can be made based on a specific criterium in so-called Groups.

EndNote can be applied to insert citations in Microsoft Word. This connection between EndNote software and Microsoft Word is called CiteWhileYouWrite (CWYW). The citations from EndNote are thus placed in the desired location in the text.

Subsequently, a list of literature references in generated at the bottom of your document in the lay-out (Style) of the desired journal. Changes or rearrangements in citations will result in a re-ordering of the citations at the bottom of your document. A different style in the text is automatically adapted by the software system.

2. How can I install the software on my LUMC computer?

First check whether EndNote is already installed on your PC by going to Windows > Start > All Programs. EndNote can be installed within the LUMC environment via the download portal on Windows > Start > All programs > Mircosoft System Center > Software Center > next search for EndNote and click Install

You will receive a notice whenever an update or new version of the software is available. If you are not authorised to install the update you can contact the I&A contact person of your department.

3. How can I install the software on my home computer or laptop?

- You can download EndNote using your LUMC employee account via the download portal https://.... You will be requested to log into a secure website before you can start the downloading process. In case your LUMC user name is not accepted, add "lumcnet\" before your user name. Use this download portal exclusively for home acces for PC, Mac or laptop and not for your LUMC computer.

- You can download EndNote using a Blackboard account from Leiden University (accessible for all LUMC students and many employees) by enrolling to > Courses > LUMC > Algemene Modules GNK en BW > Studentenhelpdesk. The download link is stored under the Information tab.

In the menu to the left you can find more information regarding Importing, Transferring to a Reference Manager Database, Journal notations, sending a Library and presenting a tab in Word.

4. How does it work?

Concise Manual Endnote

Quick Reference Card 

User manual

Extra Output Style

Overview of menus 

http://endnote.com/training > Get started > 
Endnote Menus Reference Guide 
Endnote X7 menus reference guide  (12 pages)

Video instructions

Open http://endnote.com/training and select for example

Short EndNote X7 overview Thomson Reuters (Windows) 3.55 min

How to use EndNote in 7 minutes  (Windows)

How to use EndNote in 6 minutes (Macintosh)

Direct export from the Web of Science

Importing PDFs

Cite While You Write -Adding citations to a Word document