Florent Clerc, MSc.


  • Glycomics and glycoproteomics


PhD student at the center for proteomics and metabolomics (CPM).


Florent Clerc is a PhD student at the Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Manfred Wuhrer, in the field of glycomics and glycoproteomics. His research projects focus on the glycosylation of plasma proteins as potential biomarkers of diseases and inflammation by mass spectrometry.

The main technics used for this research are HILIC purification, large sample sets management, MALDI-TOF MS, LC-MS, analytical softwares and statistical analysis.

Preparing and handling large sample sets is a great challenge, thus part of the time of the project is spent on the development of robotized methods, analytical tools and automated data processing to increase the throughput of the analysis.

The research projects are funded by the European project Inflammatory Bowel Disease Biomarkers Programme (IBD-BIOM)


Internship at Ecole de Pharmacie Genève-Lausanne (EPGL) in the lab of Prof. Serge Rudaz, Supercharging agents for protein analysis by CE-ESI-MS 
Master in analytical chemistry at University of Geneva (UniGE)
Main courses 
Mass spectrometry (G. Hopfgartner) 
Analytical chemistry (M. Borkovec) 
Advanced spectroscopic methods in physical chemistry (A. Hauser., E Vauthey, T. Berclaz, T. Bürgi) 
Nuclear magnetic resonance (D. Jeannerat) 
Computational chemistry (T. Wesolowski) 
Perfume and Flavour chemistry (C. Chapuis, C. Margot, Firmenich) 
Industrial chemistry and chemical reaction engineering (J.-P. Barras, L. Cavin, Givaudan) 
Bioorganic chemistry II (G. Lacour, S. Matile) 
Inorganic chemistry IIIA and IIIB (C. Piguet, A. Williams) 
Stereochemistry and conformational analysis, Applied modeling (J. Mareda) 
Bachelor in Chemistry at University of Geneva (UniGE) 


Supervision of chemistry practical courses for pharmaceutical science students
Supervision of physical chemistry practical courses for chemistry students 

Substitude chemistry teacher at Département de l'instruction publique Genève (DiP)



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