Dr. David Falck


  • Glycomics and glycoproteomics

Curriculum Vitae:

2003-2009         Chemistry studies at University of Münster, Germany

2009-2013         PhD at VU University, Amsterdam

2013-2017         Postdoctoral researcher at LUMC, Leiden

2018-present     Assistant Professor at LUMC, Leiden


David Falck is focusing on method development of targeted, bottom-up glycoproteomic approaches for immunoglobulins (Ig), erythropoietin and Fc gamma recptors.
He runs or supports applications in the following fields:
1.) biopharmaceuticals in collaboration with international industrial partners.
2.) basic glycoimmunology with the following questions
             What is the function of antibody glycosylation?
             How is the human Fc gamma receptor glycosylated and
             how does this influence its interaction with IgG?
3.) clinical studies into the use of glycosylation signatures for personalized medicine.
He also participates in the development of chemical derivatization strategies for glycomics and glycoproteomics and the use of middle-down strategies for an integrated view of IgG post-translational modifications.
In 2016, he received an NWO Veni award to pursue his studies into Fc gamma receptor glycosylation. He is also (co-)supervisor for three PhD students within the GlySign consortium:


Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
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E-mail: D.Falck@lumc.nl