Nuance Camera Systeem

Nuance Camera Systeem

Fluorescence Microscopy

Complicated, expensive confocal optics are not the only path to multispectral imaging. Nuance™ imaging systems bring new capabilities to existing fluorescence and brightfield microscopes. Nuance's simple, straightforward design permits fast, accurate and affordable multispectral analysis with virtually any specimen.

Nuance 2

  • Erase contrast-robbing autofluorescence
  • Simplify and improve FRET experiments
  • Enable multicolor immunohistochemical staining
  • Optimize fluorescence in-situ hybridization imaging
  • Unleash quantum dot-based multiplexing


Sophisticated automated software eliminates contrast-robbing autofluorescence. Multiple fluorophores can also be detected in the same sample using Nuance's powerful and accurate spectral unmixing algorithms, even when the signals are spatially co-localized or spectrally overlapping. Rely on Nuance to give more signal-and less noise.


Nuance™ Multispectral Imaging System

Works on virtually any microscope - No confocal required! The Nuance multispectral imaging systems dramatically improve imaging performance with their fast, accurate spectral classification, and quantitative unmixing capabilities. Their flexible design allows them to mount directly to existing upright or inverted research-grade microscopes. Unlike fluorescence-only confocals, Nuance systems work equally well in both fluorescence and brightfield modes.

Brightfield Microscopy

Nuance™ multispectral imaging systems dramatically enhance multicolor co-localization studies. Until now, double- or triple-staining of samples could be problematic: when chromogens and dyes overlap, the resulting mixtures can be impossible to unravel, either by eye or by using conventional color cameras. The unconventional Nuance, which is easily added to virtually all existing microscope platforms, delivers true quantitation with double- or triple-label detection.

  •  Enable multicolor immunohistochemistry and chromogenic ISH
  •  Add multiplexed content to tissue microarray studies
  •  Provide contrast-enhancement for histopathology


Now, fluorescence is no longer required for achieving fluorescence-quality results in brightfield. By spectrally unmixing each chromogen or dye into its own separate image, even hard-to-distinguish reds and browns can be definitively separated, even if co-localized! Powerful, intuitive and automated software complement the unique instrumentation-simple, one-button operation and batch-processing is possible.

Use the Nuance system to identify double- and triple-labeled cells, even when counterstained with hematoxylin or other dyes. Bring the power of Nuance to your tissue microarray samples and measure multiple label intensities with confidence.


Nuance™ Multispectral Imaging System
The Nuance multispectral imaging system dramatically improves the imaging process by performing fast and accurate spectral classification and unmixing. It attaches directly to existing upright or inverted microscopes, and is optimized for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging.