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 Jolanda van der Zee

The education program coordinator for the department is Dr. Jolanda van der Zee, e-mail J.van_der_zee@lumc.nl.
Administrative office: MCB-Secretariaat@lumc.nl.

Undergraduate courses

The department Molecular Cell Biology participates in the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences curricula. These curricula are composed of courses with a duration of 3 - 8 weeks. Below is a list of those courses to which our department gives a substantial contribution together with the name of the coordinator.


Course year coordinator
From Cell to Molecule 1 Prof. Dr. Ton Raap
Regulation and Metabolism 1 Dr. Jos Rohling
Elective: Molecular research in the laboratory 2/3 Dr. Jolanda van der Zee

Biomedical Sciences

Course year coordinator
Biomolecules 1 Dr. Carolina Jost
Molecular Biology 1 Dr. Roeland Dirks
Metabolism 1 and 2 1 Dr. Jolanda van der Zee
Cellular Communication  1 Dr. Caroline Jost
Molecular Biology and Oncology 3 Dr. Roeland Dirks
Choose week 3 Dr. Jolanda van der Zee
How to write a research proposal Master Dr. Tom de Boer
Scientific (mis)conduct Master Prof. Dr. Ton Raap
FOS Signal Transduction Master Prof. Peter ten Dijke
FOS Neuroscience Master Dr. Stefan Michel
FOS Stem cells Master Dr. Harald Mikkers

Other activities

Coordinator Master Biomedical Sciences Dr. Jolanda van der Zee

Postgraduate courses

course organisation coordinator  
Signal transduction MGC/Moleculair medicine Prof. Peter ten Dijke / Dr. Hans van Dam
Oncology MGC/Moleculair medicine Prof. Peter ten Dijke

Research project/Internships

For information about the possibilities for a research project at the department of Molecular Cell Biology you can contact the various research groups directly.