Ultrastructure and function of viral replication complexes

Principal Investigator(s)

Dr. Montserrat Bárcena (CCB)Prof. Dr. Eric J. Snijder, Dr. Marjolein Kikkert

SARS-CoV RVNDescription of research

Viruses rely on the host cell’s infrastructure and metabolism during all stages of their replication cycle. It has become clear that the association of their RNA-synthesizing machinery with virus-induced membrane structures is a universal feature of mammalian +RNA viruses, and a potential target for broad-spectrum antiviral therapy. In infected cells, the viruses we study, such as the SARS-/MERS-coronaviruses and enteroviruses, induce replication organelles consisting of modified host membranes, including unique double-membrane structures that are derived from endoplasmic reticulum. Through the action of viral transmembrane proteins, corona- and enteroviruses hijack intracellular membranes to convert them into novel organelles supporting viral RNA synthesis. In addition, such replication organelles are thought to delay the detection of viral replication  by host cell sensors. Using a combination of biochemistry, structural and molecular biology, and advanced electron microscopy, we aim to dissect the formation, structure, and function of +RNA viral replication organelles. Knowledge derived from studying this early phase of infection will be essential for concepts aiming to block +RNA virus infection at an early stage.

This research project is carried out in close collaboration with the Section Electron Microscopy of the LUMC Department of Cell & Chemical Biology (CCB); Dr. Montserrat Bárcena, Prof. Bram J. Koster.

Research Topics

  • Structure and function of +RNA virus replication organelles
  • Advanced electron microscopy and tomography
  • Coronaviruses, arteriviruses and picornaviruses

Key Publications

  • Double-Membrane Vesicles as Platforms for Viral Replication. Wolff G, Melia CE, Snijder EJ, Bárcena M.Trends Microbiol. 2020 Jun 11:S0966-842X(20)30135-9. doi: 10.1016/j.tim.2020.05.009
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