Molecular basis of virus replication, viral pathogenesis and antiviral strategies

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Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites and their replication depends on infection of a living host cell. Virus infection can lead to extensive morphological and metabolic changes in the host cell and may thus have serious consequences for that cell and the host organism as a whole. The host, in turn, is equipped with a number of antiviral defense mechanisms and the molecular ‘arms race’ between virus and host is a prominent topic in present-day molecular virology. Our research program combines basic and clinical research on both RNA and DNA virus infections and aims to develop diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic antiviral strategies. Using molecular biological and immunological approaches, we are investigating virus replication and evolution. In addition, immunity and immune evasion, viral oncogenesis, and antiviral treatment options are studied, in particular in the context of immunocompromised hosts and emerging RNA virus outbreaks.

Research themes

Principal investigators

Dr. M.C.W. Feltkamp, Prof. Dr. A.E. Gorbalenya, Dr. M.J. van Hemert, Dr. M. Kikkert, Prof. Dr. A.C.M. Kroes, Prof. Dr. E.J. Snijder, Dr. A.C.T.M. Vossen

Internships (Molecular) Virology

For information on internships at the laboratory of Molecular Virology, please contact Dr. Peter Bredenbeek (tel. +31(0)715261655). Unfortunately, we have no availability for the year 2019-2020.