Peptide synthesis and chemical synthesis

We produce clinical grade synthetic peptides and other organic chemical synthesis products. For LUMC research groups, other academic partners and companies we offer our expertise and facilities to produce synthetic peptides under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in ready to use vials for clinical trials. All required documentation for the competent authorities can be delivered, including the Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier.

Fluorescent labeled tracers can be used for intraoperative imaging, measuring drug delivery and screening of malignant lesions. We develop, produce and deliver these molecules for clinical use.

Facility and Equipment: 

  • Two CSBio peptide synthesizers
  • Tribute peptide synthesizer
  • Waters UPLC-MS systems
  • Waters Prep HPLC systems
  • Dedicated Class B cleanroom for fill and finish purposes
  • Dedicated class A downflow cabinet built in Class B cleanroom for fill and finish purposes
  • Zirbus 3×4×5 CIP/SIP Freeze Dryer built in class A downflow cabinet


Dr. M. Pool
Dr. R. Valentijn