Topics for Research

The departement of Intensive Care has formulated three major research areas, consistent of

1. Quality of care and patient safety on the ICU

The aim is to increase insight in quality of care and patient safety on the ICU, by means of a continuous registration of incidents and complications and by the executoor of specific safety projects. Thus , knowledge of  determinants of quality and safety  can lead to the implementation of improvement projects. For exempel, a major implementation project pertained to the introduction of a daily goals form. Furthermore, a study into the safety of intrahospital transport and into the application and use of protocols and guidelines is currently performed. Also, a continuous registration of patient and family satisfaction is being implemented.

2. Inflammation and coagulation

This area focuses on pathofysiological mechanisms of  diseases of the ICU patient. Specifically, activation of inflammation, coagulation and the endothelium of the thoracic surgical patient is studied.  In collaboration with the department of thoracic surgery myocardial and lung ischemic and reperfusion damage after thoracic surgery is studied.

3. Circulation and hemodynamic changes in the ICU patient

This area focuses on measurement and interpretation of hemodynamic parameters of the ICU patient.

4. Miscellaneous

Besides the above areas the departement of Intensive Care is involved in projects in collaboration with other departements of the LUMC. These include a study into selective decontamination of the gut and bacterial resistance. And secondly, a project studying the implementation of a Rapid Respons Team has recently been started.