Prof. dr. T.H.M. Ottenhoff


Area(s) of interest

  • Immunology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Mycobacteria
  • Vaccins
  • Biomarkers
  • Host directed therapy

Research interests


My mission is to dissect immunological and host-genetic mechanisms of protective and pathologic immunity to mycobacterial infections, in order to design more effective intervention strategies, including novel vaccination strategies, innovative diagnostics  and anti-microbial treatments.


Tuberculosis research is a major theme in my research programs. Its TB research is fundamental, preclinical, translational as well as clinical in nature and includes partly humanized animal models of TB. Research efforts aim to develop better vaccines, as well as  diagnostic, immunologic, transcriptomic and metabolic “biomarker signatures”. This work has led to a number of first-in-man clinical studies with new, molecularly defined synthetic TB vaccines. Systems biology, chemical genetics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and immunomics approaches are used to identify key cellular signalling pathways in host defense to intracellular pathogens in general, and M. tuberculosis and Salmonellae in particular. Correlates of protection and prospective correlates of risk of developing TB are being identified. Moreover, there is strong interest in co-infections (Helminth-infections; HIV) and co-morbidities including type-2 diabetes, a major TB-risk factor. Using technologies developed in the TB research program, recent work also enabled identification of biomarkers of Ebola-vaccine induced human responses. Extensive international collaborative networks have been established, which include leading partners from EU, US and TB endemic areas/countries (SA, Gambia, Gabon, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil, China, etc.).  The group has a strong international reputation, and an extensive portfolio of external competitive projects. 



A second major interest has been leprosy. This work led to the first description of Thelper 1 and Treg subsets in humans.  From 1986-2011 I headed this group, but this is now being lead by prof. dr. Annemieke Geluk, please visit her website.


Some specific contributions of the Ottenhoff group

Amongst some of our scientific contributions are the discovery of the first specific antigens for mycobacterium reactive T-cells in humans; the identification of the first Thelper-1 cells in humans; the discovery of a new human immunodeficiency due to genetic mutations in the receptor for interleukin-12;   the cloning of the first monoclonal T-regulatory cells in humans;  involved in many human genetic studies that identified, with excellent collaborators, multiple new genetic variants impacting on risk of tuberculosis and leprosy; (together with prof. JJ Neefjes) the identification of a new human PKB/Akt1 controlled signaling pathway, that is manipulated by Salmonella and Mtb to inhibit phagosomal-lysosomal fusion.  One current focus is on the role of T cell subsets (T-helper, T-regulatory), macrophage subsets, intracellular signaling networks, cellular function and systems biology.  A related, translation-oriented focus is on Mtb antigen discovery, vaccine design and biomarker discovery.  We also have executed several clinical phase I/IIa first in human trials with new TB vaccines, together with prof. Jaap van Dissel, including their immune monitoring.  We participate and play prominent roles in many high profile international research consortia, which include partners from EU, US and developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Funding mostly comes from EC, BMGF, NL Government (NWO, STW/TTW) and other bodies.       


For an updated list of publications, see:


Some selected publications (ref 41 contains an open access link to Science 2019 366: 302-303)


1.       THM Ottenhoff, FAW Verreck, EGR Lichtenauer-Kaligis, MA Hoeve, O Sanal, JT van Dissel. Genetics, cytokines and human infectious disease: lessons from weakly pathogenic mycobacteria and salmonellae. Nature Genetics 32:97-105 (2002).

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Training and Degrees

1982      MD degree, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

1986      PhD (cum laude), Leiden University “HLA class II immune response genes in leprosy”

2001     Professor at LUMC and Leiden University (Dept. Infectious Diseases)


Some academic Honors and Indicators of Esteem  

Several personal awards (CJ Kok Award, Eijkman Medal, Swierenga Medal, American Acad. Microbiology distinction).

Regular presentations as invited speaker on international, national congresses and public meetings.

Member of many large projects’ Steering Committees

Participation in advisory boards (monitoring- and evaluation committees)

Formal member of Senior Management Team TBVI since 2015

1988-1993      CC Huygens Fellowship Award (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)     

2003-2013      Member of the "Gezondheidsraad" (Netherlands Government Council of Health), Section Infection and Immunity.

2008     Co-founding Member Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (see

2010      Eurolife Distinguished Faculty Speaker Medal, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland



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