Population Health Management

De gezondheidszorg in Nederland staat voor grote uitdagingen. Het aantal mensen met chronische ziekten neemt toe en de zorgkosten blijven stijgen. In de LUMC – Campus Den Haag werken we aan oplossingen voor een patiëntgerichte, betaalbare en toegankelijke zorg. Het toverwoord: Population Health Management.

The department of Public Health en Eerstelijns Geneeskunde (PHEG) of the LUMC will be housed at the LUMC-Campus Den Haag. The PHEG department has a dual function: it serves as a 'branch' of the Opleidingsinstituut Huisartsgeneeskunde of the LUMC and it offers master's phase education in Population Health Management and General Medical Practice to students. Additionally, PHEG develops, supports and deals with healthcare research and innovation in Greater The Hague. The GP training institute cooperates with the healthcare groups in The Hague, including Eerstelijns Zorggroep Haaglanden (ELZHA) and Stichting Haagse Gezondheidscentra (SHG).


The partners develop an innovative and specifically metropolitan curriculum which focuses on multidisciplinary community-oriented primary healthcare. Besides, modular education will be provided at Campus Den Haag to cater for administrative and legal developments in healthcare (management and governance training in primary and global public health).


The research links up with current transitions in healthcare (youths, GGZ mental healthcare, underprivileged groups, the elderly, oncology and cardiovascular risks). For the activities in the academic collaborative centres together with the GGD (youths, public health, the elderly) use is made of advanced data management with routine healthcare data from Greater The Hague. The results can and will be applied along short lines in extramural healthcare. This means that the social impact and up-to-dateness of the themes is considerable.


The involvement of the extramural care providers in the intended activities in The Hague is already substantial. Cooperation already exits with The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the healthcare groups. Cooperation with the hospitals concerning cancer-related care, resulting in a valued transition of care and assistance of this category patients to the primary healthcare, has great potential and is of current interest. The further expansion of activities of the chair 'Public Health', especially concerning the health of groups in underprivileged situations, also plays a role in it.