ASCOLT trial

ASCOLT is an international multi-centre randomized placebo controlled trial that aims to evaluate the benefit of 3 yrs of adjuvant aspirin in patients who have already completed standard therapy for colorectal cancer. It is an investigator initiated study partnership across institutions in Asia and Australia – to address an important clinical question.

The ASCOLT Study (Aspirin for Dukes C and high risk B COLorecTal cancer) is an international collaborative group randomized clinical phase III trial investigating the utility of low dose aspirin on improving disease free and overall survival in patients with resected Stage III (Dukes C) and high risk Stage II (Dukes B) colorectal cancer (CRC). The trial is led by an international collaboration from Singapore, UK and Australia with co-chairs Chia and Toh (Singapore), Ali (Oxford) and Segelov (AGITG), involving recruitment from about 60 sites in 11 countries or special administrative regions including Singapore, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand.

Ms Estelle Foo


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