Participating trials

The ATCG is a collaboration between different clinical trials carried out all over the world. The collaboration exists of the following clinical trials:

  • ADD-ASPIRIN trial: Principal Investigator Ruth Langley
  • ALASCCA trial: Principal Investigator Anna Martling
  • ASCOLT trial: Principal Investigators John Chia and Eva Segelov
  • ASAC trial: Principal Investigators Bjørn Atle Bjørnbeth, Kjetil Tasken and Sheraz Yaqub
  • ASPIRIN trial: Principal Investigators Gerrit-Jan Liefers, Johanneke Portielje and Ricardo Fodde
  • ASPIRIN trial Belgium: Principal Investigator Marc Peeters
  • SAKK 41/13-Aspirin: Principal Investigator Ulrich Güller