Biomedical Sciences

What exactly makes the difference between healthy and ill? The study programs Biomedical Sciences prepare scientists who can investigate these deeper causes.

Bachelor’s program Biomedical sciences

During the three-year bachelor’s program Biomedical Sciences, students focus on the causes of diseases. The program starts with molecules and cells and goes towards systems on an increasingly larger scale. Part of the bachelor’s program is in Dutch and hence not open to non-Dutch speakers. However, it is possible to take one or several courses at the LUMC. More information is available at the international student page and see the website of Leiden University if you are interested in the bachelor's program and if you are a current student of the bachelor's program

Master’s program Biomedical Sciences

The two-year master’s program Biomedical Sciences allows students to dig into all aspects related to health and disease. Next to a general part, students can choose to specialise in research, education, communication and management. Are you interested in doing a master’s in Biomedical Sciences? Visit the website for upcoming master’s students of Leiden University. Students who want to do only part of their program at the LUMC can contact the study coordinator for internationalization. See also the website of Leiden University if your are interested in the master's program and if you are a current student of the master's program.

PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Graduated master’s students are trained to be independent scientists during the PhD program. The PhD tracks are provided by the Directorate of Research. PhD students usually are appointed for four years in one of the LUMC research groups.

Contact information for Biomedical Sciences
Directorate of Education

Visiting address:
LUMC Education building (building 3)
5th floor
Hippocratespad 21, Leiden   

Address for correspondence:
LUMC, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Directorate of Education, postzone V0-P
P.O. Box 9600, 2300 RC LEIDEN
The Netherlands 

Email: (general email address for students)

Phone:(+31) 071- 526 8383 (student administration)