Medical microbiologist

Dr. E.M. (Liz) Terveer, MD-PhD

Medical Microbiology
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I am a medical microbiologist (bacteriologist) and head of the Netherlands Donor Feces Bank (NDFB). I divide my attention between daily patient care, coordinating the ‘bacteriology, mycology & parasitology laboratory’ and the NDFB, and microbiota related research.
My expertise lies in bacteriology, Clostridioides difficile, multi-drug resistant Gram negatives and the microbiota in health and disease, more specifically the modification of a patients’ perturbed gut microbiota with fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) prepared from healthy donor feces.

The combination of clinical patient care, laboratory management, research and education of microbiology residents & students makes working in an academic medical center valuable.