Privacy statement

Personal data sent to us through the application form will only be used by the LUMC for the purpose with which it was sent, namely: applying for a vacancy at the LUMC. With this, the LUMC meets the privacy legislation criteria.

Establishing and processing personal data
You have sent your personal data to us to apply for a vacancy. We will keep this data throughout the application process. Your personal data will be stored with extreme care for your privacy within our database, only accessible to Personnel & Organization department staff of the LUMC. The vacancy owner (manager) and/or the application committee will only be granted access to that part of your personal data necessary to judge the job application.

By sending out an application through our application form on this website, you grant us permission to store your personal data for up to four weeks or one year after your initial application procedure has ended, for the sole purpose of possibly matching you with future vacancies. We guarantee that all data you provide will only be used for job application procedures. We recommend you to only send information relevant and necessary for your application and essential to the selection procedure of the vacancy. 

We cannot guarantee that collaborative partners (or affiliate-organizations) mentioned in vacancies, where clear links to them have been embedded in the vacancy and who have their own external application forms in their vacancies, will also meet the criteria of the privacy legislation. That is not our responsibility. We do not make personal data available to third parties, unless the law demands us to do so.