LUMC updates Chinese delegation on e-health and population health


What does the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) do in the field of e-health and population health and how could you apply and expand this in Hong Kong? To answer this question, a delegation from the Food and Health Bureau, part of the Hong Kong government, visited the LUMC on Friday 17 May.

The cooperation between the LUMC and the Hong Kong executive is no coincidence. The University of Hong Kong is already a partner of the National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL). In NeLL, LUMC aims to bring together all national eHealth initiatives. Examples of digital applications for monitoring and promoting health include apps, sensors, wearables, robots and video communication tools.

Niels Chavannes

During the visit, Professor Sophia Chan, Hong Kong's Minister of Food and Health, and the other members of the delegation were given an insight into Leiden's working methods. For instance, Prof. Niels Chavannes gave a presentation on the structure of healthcare in the Netherlands and focused on a number of examples of e-health applications in population health management. Extra attention was paid to the scientific basis and the pitfalls that can be encountered when these types of applications are introduced.

Jessica Kiefte-de Jong

Prof. Jessica Kiefte-de Jong explained the role of lifestyle change in population health management. She informed the delegation in particular about the role of food insecurity in the effectiveness of existing food and lifestyle programmes and about the use of 'teachable moments' in lifestyle counselling at the right time.

Douwe Atsma

The final presentation was given by Prof. Douwe Atsma. He discussed the changes in the care process that healthcare providers are currently seeing and the LUMC's response to these changes, namely to increasingly deliver care to the patient at home. This is effected at the Cardiology department by means of The Box, with which heart patients are remotely monitored and supervised. In the future, The Box will also be used to provide patients from other LUMC departments with care at home in a similar way.

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