LUMC non-smoking as of 1 July

1 July 2019• NEWSITEM

Since Monday 1 July, the entire Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) site has been non-smoking. That means that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the site. The smoking shelters have disappeared and additional non-smoking generation boards are being placed. If you still want to smoke, you will have to leave the site.

This new measure means that our patients, visitors and staff can enter every building smoke-free. The non-smoking area is clearly demarcated by signs and tiles. There are also banners to make it clear that the LUMC site is non-smoking.

Compliance with non-smoking bans is difficult to enforce. Despite the fact that the LUMC forecourt has been a non-smoking area since December 2018, security staff still regularly have to call smokers to account in the smoke-free zone. Our security staff will continue to do so.


For humanitarian reasons, an exception may be made for a few patients. The decision is up to the healthcare professional. In consultation with security, two locations have been designated where patients can smoke in exceptional cases. In such a case, patients are given a consent card, which they must show to security on request.

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