Millions awarded to organ-on-chip technology

4 July 2019• NEWSITEM

Seven research projects on organ-on-chip technologies and related biomedical challenges have been awarded a total of 2.76 millions euros by Top Sector Life Sciences & Health. LUMC researchers are participating in four of the public-private projects.

The investment brings together knowledge institutions and companies from the Netherlands and abroad together in joint projects. LUMC researchers are taking part in the following projects:


To stimulate basic research on organ-on-a-chip technology, the Top Sector has been working together with the Dutch Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies (hDMT) to invest in new R&D projects. 

Christine Mummery, chair of hDMT and Professor of Developmental Biology at the LUMC : ‘We are really excited about the outcome of this excellent and timely call. It is good to see public and private parties joining forces to develop showcases for Organ-on-Chip technology that will demonstrate its tremendous value for many biomedical applications. Award of projects gives researchers in the Netherlands unique opportunities to develop and sustain this field.’ 


Interested to read more on this call and organ-on-a-chip technology? Find more informatie on the hDMT website

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