Launch of new regenerative medicine partnership at LUMC

30 March 2017• NEWSITEM

Thursday 30 March saw the launch of RegMed XB, a new partnership for regenerative medicine at the LUMC. RegMed XB is a very ambitious programme: it aims at finding a cure for chronic diseases instead of combating their symptoms. With an initial budget of 25 million euros, and the intention to increase that amount to 250 million euros over the next ten years, universities, health foundations, companies and government work together.

Cure in sight

In the Netherlands millions of people suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases or the rheumatic disorder arthrosis. Research into these diseases is often limited to combating or treating their symptoms, but the partners of the RegMed XB want more than that. The regenerative medicine they work on aims at curing patients by restoring tissues and organs. This means that sick tissues and organs can be restored, so that transplantation is no longer needed.

Three lines of research

The first stage of RegMed XB has been going since January 2017. The research focuses on new treatment for patients suffering from osteoarthritis (arthrosis), diabetes and kidney diseases. Two of these lines of research are led by the LUMC. Internist-endocrinologist Eelco de Koning works on a therapy as part of which new endogenous cells producing insulin are brought into the body. Nephrologist Ton Rabelink studies the restoration of kidney tissue with endogenous cells and the growing of a customized kidney. 

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