Dr. Viktoria Dotz


  • Glycomics


Dr. Viktoria Dotz has been working as postdoctoral researcher in Prof. M. Wuhrer’s group since October 2013. Her expertise is the glycomic analysis of various body fluids by MALDI-TOF-MS including high-throughput/automated applications thereof on large clinical cohorts with statistical analysis by SPSS and/or R Software. To date, she has contributed substantially to three different grant applications for EU Innovative Training Network calls, e.g. the ETN GlyCoCan, which was launched in 2015 (https://glycocan.eu/).

In addition to her activities in method development for glycan analysis of clinical samples from different national and international collaborations, she has supervised and/or mentored final experimental projects of in total 12 Bachelor’s and 4 Master’s students to date.


Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
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Einthovenweg 20
2333 ZC Leiden
Tel: +31 71 5268702

Postbus 9600
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E-mail: V.Dotz@lumc.nl