Virtual pathology database of hereditary disorders

Pathological information can be used to identify patients with a hereditary background. We constructed a relational database ( ) of the broad spectrum of hereditary diseases on a case based approach. These cases are either from A) well documented genetic causes or B) from families or individuals with remarkable tumor types of unknown causes. The former would serve educational purposes or serve as references for histopathologists, molecular pathologist, clinical geneticists and other clinicians in daily practice since morphologic characteristics and morphological variation should be documented. Furthermore immunohistochemical and molecular data/guidelines are given. The unknown case categories (B) should document similar cases worldwide that can serve for collaborative research on certain phenotypes.

The database includes apart from cases, additional search categories and documentation. It is structured around items as organs, tissues, diseases, known syndromes, unknown syndromes, genes and genetic risk factors and will be linked to public available databases. There is thus a demand for funding, topic moderators, curators and contributors in order to make such database a success.