Nerve Surgery Group

The LUMC Nerve Surgery Group has been developing the process of analysis and treatment of patients with complex peripheral nerve injuries since the early seventies. Currently patients are being referred to the LUMC from throughout the whole country. Often this involves injuries of the arm and hand resulting in significantly disturbed motor function.

The Nerve Surgery Group conducts research on diagnostics for determining the severity of nerve injuries and the factors that determine the outcome of nerve surgery. The LUMC also does research on the impact of surgical techniques to enhance nerve recovery after injury.

Neurosurgeon Martijn Malessy is heading up the research group. Malessy is also member of the prestigious American Society for Peripheral Nerve.

There is also a close collaboration with the Dutch Cancer Research Institute, the Nederlands Instituut voor Hersenonderzoek . Their research is aimed at investigating biological techniques to improve nerve injuries. One of the main goals is to develop an artificial nerve that can be used in nerve transplantations.