Vector facility

The Viral-Vector Facility produces batches adenovirus and lentivirus vectors for preclinical research within the Leiden University Medical Center. The aim of the facility is to provide researchers access to state-of-the-art viral-vector technology, allowing them to generate sufficient data to competitively compete for external grants.

The adenovirus vectors are generated and propagated on PER.C6 cells. The batches produced suffice for experiments in cell culture and limited numbers of small-animal experiments.

Our lentiviral vectors of the third generation are based on HIV1. The vectors are produced on 293T cells with the 4-plasmid system. The facility also handles requests for clones of our 160.000-clone lentivirus-based short-hairpin library (TRC library). The clones target each of 15.000 human and 15.000 mouse genes. 

In addition, we have available a number of state of the art techniques to monitor gene expression in real time in cultured cells, and in life animals.

For information please contact Martijn Rabelink by email.