Prof. Dr.Meijer, J.H. (Joke)

Principal Investigators

Research Overview

The laboratory for neurophysiology has the following lines of research:

  1. Neurophysiology of the circadian system: basic research and clinical relevance (Prof. Dr. J.H.Meijer)
  2. Cellular mechanisms underlying circadian rhythm; function and failure in aging and disease processes (Dr. S. Michel)
  3. Circadian rhythms and sleep disorders (Dr. T. de Boer)
  4. Neuronal networks in the circadian timing system: electrophysiology and computational biology (Dr. J.H.T. Rohling)

Recent Lectures

JH Meijer at Royal Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam: “Grip on Complexity”, December 17, 2013 title: Control of our Biological Rhythms.