Research in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Aim: The Department of Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) of the Leiden University Medical Center aims to perform curiosity-driven basic research for;

  1. the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie the function and activity of cells and tissues;
  2. the unravelling of the molecular defects that form the basis of inherited and acquired disease;
  3. making this knowledge and related technology emanating from this research available to others for improved diagnosis or to develop novel treatment modalities.     

Advances in this research field highly depend on continuing progress in methodology and technical innovation.  Besides performing basic research MCB therefore also develops tailor-made technology to support its own basic research lines. In addition, it creates and maintains an optimal infrastructure in terms of equipment and facilities, for own use and to support other LUMC departments.

Research performed in the six MCB sections is clustered in four research themes:

Molecular Cell Biology 1

Molecular Cell Biology 2

Molecular Cell Biology 3

Molecular Cell Biology 4

Exposure research groups within Molecular Cell Biology and Chemical Immunology - Cell and Chemical Biology