Prof. dr. Annemieke Geluk

Professor, immunoloog


  • Lepra
  • Tuberculose
  • Immunodiagnostiek
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke testen
  • Biomarkers
  • Vaccins

Research interests

I.      Immunodiagnostics of Leprosy:      

  1. Identification of antigens and epitopes for T-cells that are essential to protective immunity or immunopathology.
  2. Identification and validation of disease-specific, genetic and immune host-derived biomarkersfor Mycobacterium leprae  infection, leprosy disease and leprosy reactions
  3. Design, development and evaluation of biomarker-based diagnostic tests that can be applied in field-settings.

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In August 2016 we conducted a pilot study for a new, user-friendly test for diagnosis of leprosy in the Brazilian state of Pará located in the Brazilian Amazon, a region still highly endemic for leprosy. The new test developed at the LUMC can detect infection with the bacterium that causes leprosy at early stages before clinical signs are visible. It is important that the test can be conducted in people's homes because those who are at high risk of developing leprosy often don’t have the means to attend specialized clinics. Besides interruption of transmission, the incorporation of this user-friendly field test will allow early treatment with antibiotics to prevent irreversible nerve damage and handicaps.


II.      Development of Vaccines for Tuberculosis:  

For this research aim, a mouse Mtb challenge model was set-up at the LUMC MLIII facility. In this model, both acute as well as chronic/long term Mtb infection are studied using ‘humanized, HLA class-I and HLA class-II transgenic mice to assess the potential of candidate antigens in the context of HLA polymorphism.






South Africa 


AD 18-11-2015 (deel 1 en deel 2), Nefarma 2015, Leidraad 2017, VIVA 400 2016

Contributions to the field:

  • Identification of M.leprae unique antigens that can be used as biomarker tools to discriminate the degree of M.leprae exposure and thus the risk of transmission of infection.
  • Identification of disease-specific biomarkers for application in tests for diagnosis of early (preclinical) leprosy and monitoring the response to treatment.
  • Identification of differential gene expression during leprosy reactions
  • Identification of various HLA-restricted M. tuberculosisT cell epitopes
  • Design and development of a field-friendlydiagnostic assay for leprosy and tuberculosis


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Following my masters in Chemistry at the University of Leiden and the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA, I did my PhD in Immunology at the LUMC, Dept. IHB (HLA-DR3/ Peptide/ T cell Interactions) and worked at Cytel Corporation, San Diego, USA. I received postdoctoral training at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA and was acknowledged a 5-year fellowship by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences during which period I focused on the immunology of leprosy and tuberculosis, particularly the identification of HLA-restricted T cell (epitopes) that are essential to protective immunity or immunopathology and biomarkers for development of immunodiagnostics.

My current research focusses on Immunodiagnostics of Leprosy including basic-, translational-, applied- as well as field research and Tuberculosis Vaccine Development using HLA transgenic mouse models. Currently, I am a member of the steering committee of the IDEAL consortium (Initiative for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Assays for Leprosy) and have designed and coordinated several large-scale, multi-center studies in e.g. Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia and Nepal.



Grants were received from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, the Commission of European Communities, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief Foundation (NLR), the Turing Foundation, the Q.M. Gastmann-Wichers Foundation, the Order of Malta-Grants-for-Leprosy-Research (MALTALEP), the Heiser Program for Research in Leprosy in The New York Community Trust, The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and EDCTP (European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership).




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