Dave Roelen

Dr. D.L. Roelen Associate Professor    Area(s) of interest - HLA typing and screening in solid organ and stem cell transplantation - Immunogenetics of Transplantation

Dave Roelen studied Biomedical Sciences in Leiden, and received his PhD on alloreactive T cells in transplantation under the supervision of Profs Frans Claas and Jon van Rood in 1994. After this period, he spent 2½ years in Oxford as a postdoctoral scientist, working on a clinical and experimental study on transplant tolerance induction with Profs Kathryn Wood and Sir Peter Morris. Since 1997, he is at the Leiden University Medical Center and continued working on transplant tolerance and alloreactivity. In 2008, he became a Medical Immunologist and director of the HLA laboratory  (together with Prof Frans Claas). Currently he is working as an associate professor, heading the diagnosticHLA laboratory and dealing with transplant related matters regarding both solid organ transplantation (LUMC and Erasmus MC) as well as stem cell transplantation (LUMC). He is a member of the management team of the LUMC Transplantation Center and staff member of the dept of Immunology. He has been the treasurer of the Dutch Transplantation Society for 6 years and since 2015 he is the dept. Secretary of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI).  He became the Chairman of the Dutch HLA working Group in 2017. He also serves as an inspector for the Dutch Accreditation Council (medical laboratories, ISO 15189) and for EFI.