Micjael Eikmans

Michael Eikmans studied biology and received his PhD degree in 2002 at the department of Pathology (Prof. JA Bruijn) on the topic of biomarkers in native kidney diseases and in kidney transplantation. He is a molecular biologist by training. As a postdoctoral investigator he has a background in research on kidney transplantation, for which he received several grants from the Dutch Kidney Foundation and the Roche Organ Transplantation Research Foundation (ROTRF), and the Distinguished Research Award from the Dutch Transplant Society. He was appointed as research fellow at the transplantation group (Prof. RB Colvin) in the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston MA.


Since 2006, Dr. Eikmans has been working in the department of Immunohematology and performed research on immunological and molecular aspects of transplantation. Currently, his research focuses on immune mechanisms in mother and child during and after pregnancy, a research line initiated by prof. FHJ Claas. The research lines include study of immune regulation in healthy and complicated, spontaneously conceived pregnancies, and also in oocyte donation pregnancies.

Dr. Eikmans is a member of  the education committee of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI) and a member of the core group of the Reproductive Immunology Network Netherlands (RiNet). Furthermore, he is actively involved in teaching Bachelor and Master students (Medical, Biomedical) in the fields of immunology, pregnancy, transplantation, and molecular biology.