Quality and Integrity of biomedical research

Ever since the seminal series on research waste published in the Lancet in 2014, more and more meta-research supports the idea that the quality and integrity of biomedical research is below par. This is not to say that most published research findings are false, but that we can - and often even must - do better and improve the value and validity of our work.

It is the aim of the QI research program to improve the way science is performed and organised.  

This programme is built on the notion that the general problem definition can be found in the 2014 Lancet series. The projects within this programme combine research on research, teaching and policy development and evaluation to have actual impact on the way science is performed and organised. Projects include:

  • evaluation and perception of the  2018 Netherlands code of conduct for researchers.
  • what is the role of (too) small studies as a contributing factor to research waste in the form of early termination, non-publication etc.
  • Committees on Scientific Integrity of Dutch universities and knowledge institutes evaluate claims of breaches of scientific integrity. We are currently, together with the School of Law, building a jurisprudence database that will assist these committees, and can serve as a research platform.

  • What is reported iin scientific publications not always what actually has been done. Using the so-called “many analysts” approach, we want to look on what the differences are in the handling and analysis of datasets within and between different subsets of biomedicine.  

  • Retractions of fraudulent publications is meant to cleanse the literature. We will, in collaboration with Retraction Watch and CWTS analyse factors associated with retractions, and, more importantly, authorship of such publications.

    For more information on this programme, including an overview of active projects, preprints, presentations etc., please take a look on OSF.

Researchers on Quality and Integrity of biomedical research

  • Dr B. Siegerink
  • Prof. dr F.R. Rosendaal
  • Prof. dr O.M. Dekkers
  • Prof. dr R.H.H. Groenwold