Marie-José Goumans


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  • Aging and Signal transduction


Marie-José Goumans is professor at the department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Leiden UMC.  She did her PhD in cardiovascular development at the Hubrecht Laboratory, investigating the role of TGFβ in cardiovascular development, and received her PhD in 1999 from the same university with a thesis entitled: Functional analysis of TGFβ signalling in early mouse development.

During her PhD, she became fascinated by the observation that depending on the context, TGFβ can be either stimulate or inhibit the growth of blood vessels. Trying to understand the mechanism behind this phenomena, she started her postdoctoral training at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer research in Uppsala, Sweden and the Netherlands Cancer Institute and made important contributions to how TGFβ affects endothelial cell behaviour.

In 2003, Marie-José was appointed assistant professor at the dept of cardiology, Utrecht UMC, where she was able to isolate cardiac progenitor cells from the human heart. In 2004, she was awarded a prestigious NWO VIDI grant to unravel the role of cardiac progenitor cells in heart regeneration. Interestingly one of the key regulators of cardiac repair and progenitor cell differentiation is TGFβ. Again, depending on the context, TGFβ can either induce cardiac fibrosis or stimulate repair.

In 2008, Dr Goumans moved to Leiden UMC and continued her studies on cardiac progenitor cell biology, in particular the role of the TGFβ superfamily. The dedicated her studies in trying to understand how cardiac progenitor cells and epicardial derived cells used to repair the heart. In 2009, she became a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. From February 2012, she was appointed professor of molecular cardiovascular cell biology at the University of Leiden.

Currently the lab of Dr Goumans studies how TGFβ is involved in proper development of the heart and vasculature, but at the same time, deregulation of the pathway, either too much or too little, causes congenital heart disease, vascular malformation and cardiac fibrosis. Furthermore, the group is studying cardiac progenitor cells and epicardial derived cells during development and disease and as a potential source for heart regeneration.


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