Dr. Simon Jochems


  • Immunology
  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Systems immunology
  • Mucosal immunity


Simon Jochems is a senior researcher working at the Center for Infectious Disease at the LUMC. He obtained his BSc and MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Utrecht University. During his master he conducted a 6-month research internship at Yerkes, Emory University where he worked on understanding the mechanisms driving immune activation during HIV infection. He continued this research during his PhD studies in the Institut Pasteur, Paris, where he worked in the group of Michaela Muller-Trutwin embedded in the laboratory of prof Françoise Barré-Sinoussi. He obtained his PhD cum laude in 2015 and then moved to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine for his postdoctoral research. There he worked in the experimental human pneumococcal challenge model and developed novel assays to study human immune responses in the nose in response to bacterial and viral infections. In 2019 he obtained a Marie Sklodowska Curie “LEaDing” Fellowship to move to LUMC and apply machine learning tools and multi-omics data integration to define signatures of protection against infection. He is also continuing his research into the identification of correlates of protection against pneumococcal infections and the development of further applications for minimally-invasive mucosal sampling tools. In the future, Simon will continue his research to improve our understanding of immune responses in the setting of infectious diseases with a particular interest in how chronic and acute inflammation can alter immunity. 

Selected publications

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Jochems SP, Petitjean G, Kunkel D, Liovat AS, Ploquin MJ, Barre-Sinoussi F, Lebon P, Jacquelin B, Muller-Trutwin MC. Modulation of type I interferon-associated viral sensing during acute simian immunodeficiency virus infection in African green monkeys. J Virol 2015; 89: 751-762.


A full list of publications can be found here 



Anna H.E. Roukens, Marion König, Tim Dalebout, Tamar Tak, Shohreh Azimi, Yvonne Kruize, Cilia R. Pothast, Renate S. Hagedoorn, Sesmu M. Arbous, Jaimie L. H. Zhang, Maaike Verheij, Corine Prins, Anne M. van der Does, Pieter S. Hiemstra, Jutte J.C. de Vries, Jacqueline J. Janse, Meta Roestenberg, Sebenzile K. Myeni, Marjolein Kikkert, Mirjam H.M. Heemskerk, Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Hermelijn H. Smits, Simon P. Jochems, on behalf of BEAT-COVID group, LUMC COVID-19 group. Prolonged activation of nasal immune cell populations and development of tissue-resident SARS-CoV-2 specific CD8 T cell responses following COVID-19. medRxiv

Reiné J, Carniel BF, Solórzano C, Mitsi E, Pojar S, Nikolaou E, German EL, Hyder-Wright AD, Hill H, Hales C, Brown L, Horsley V, Hughes L, Zaidi S, Connor V, Morton B, Collins AM, Rylance J, Adler H, McNamara PS, Ferreira DM, Jochems SP. Dynamic changes in innate immune and T cell function and composition at the nasal mucosa across the human lifespan. bioRxiv

Pojar S, et al. Isolate differences in colonization efficiency during experimental human pneumococcal challenge. medRxiv   


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