Mucosal and Systems Immunology Group

Our research focuses on the immunology of infections and vaccinations. We are particularly interested in co-infections and the effect of inflammation on immune responses to infection or vaccines, as well as understanding susceptibility and resistance to infections. We use systems immunology approaches and novel nasal mucosal sampling methods to understand these complex interactions at both the respiratory tract mucosa as well as in the circulation.

Current team members:

  • Simon Jochems (PI)
  • Wesley Huisman (postdoc)
  • Dennis Hoving (postdoc)
  • Alicia de Kroon (technician)
  • Sanne Steenbergen (technician)
  • Iris van der Valk (technician)
  • Danny de Vos (PhD student)
  • Marouba Cisse (PhD student)
  • Thomas Wulffraat (PhD student)