Graduate School

About the Graduate School

Together with the research themes, the Graduate School at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) offers PhD candidates an ambitious and dedicated PhD track. The Graduate School is formed by the Graduate School Board and the Graduate School Council and is part of the LUMC’s Directorate of Research Policy.

Graduate School Board

The Graduate School Board gives the Graduate School direction and focus. The Board will consult the Graduate School Council for advice. A research and education dedicated member is representing the Division Boards.

  • Chair: Prof.dr. Henk jan Guchelaar, interim dean and member of the executive board
  • Member of the Division Board and vice-chair: Prof.dr. Jos van der Hage
  • Director of Directorate of Research Policy: Ir. Jacqueline Ton
  • Chair Research Counsel: Prof.dr. René Toes
  • Policy advisor/secretary: Dr. Bob Siegerink (email:

Graduate School Council

The Graduate School Council is an independent advisory council to the Graduate School Board. In the Council, representatives of the research themes, the LUMC association for PhD Candidates (LAP) and the Young Faculty Network (YFN) will represent their peers.