Referrers & Professionals

Welcome to the LUMC's referral page. Good cooperation with our chain partners is important to us. On this page, we provide you with advice on how to quickly contact the right department or person. We welcome any tips you may have that will allow us to supplement or improve this information.

Referral via ZorgDomein

Are you a primary care referrer? You can provide your patient with a referral via ZorgDomein. For more information and registration for ZorgDomein see (NL).

Are you a secondary referrer or do you lack access to ZorgDomein? If so, then have a look at the overview of departments and care paths displayed below on this page.

Report a Transmural Incident

Has an unintended or inadvertent incident taken place while receiving care from our clinic or in the course of cooperative treatment? By reporting such incidents to us, you help prevent them from occurring in the future.

Do you wish to report a transmural incident? If so, then please contact the transmural cooperation team. You can do this by sending an email to