International employees

Living and working in the Netherlands involves a lot of things. That's why these pages and the Visa Service Desk help international LUMC residents find their way around LUMC and Dutch regulations.

Expat Center Leiden

The free app NLResearch helps foreign employees with their immigration to the Netherlands. For example, the app provides useful information about work, housing and the required documentation. The app is suitable for Android and iOS and free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What does Visa Servicedesk do?

The Visa Service Desk handles the appointment of foreign employees and LUMC employees abroad. You can also contact the Visa Servicedesk for the following:

  • applications for entry and/or residence permits for family members of new employees from abroad;
  • applications for the 30% rule.

Waar vind je de Visa Servicedesk?

De Visa Servicedesk is onderdeel van het Servicepunt Personeel en wordt vertegenwoordigd door personeelsassistentes uit de divisies. Een vertegenwoordiger van de Visa Servicedesk neemt contact met je op om je aanstelling bij het LUMC en eventuele immigratieprocedures met je te regelen.