Frontiers of Science


Roosters zijn in concept tot 7 dagen voor de uitvoering van het onderwijs. Toelichting op de in roosters gebruikte afkortingen vindt u hier. Instructies voor het koppelen van de iCal link met uw persoonlijke agenda zijn hier te vinden.

Advances in Neurophysiology (FOS-AiN)
Allogeneic Transplantation and Immunotherapy (FOS-ATI)
Biomedical Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (FOS-BMAD)
Biomedical Translation Research in Surgery (FOS-BTRS)
Chemical Biology, Signal Transduction and targeted Therapy (FOS-CBST)
Cardiometabolic disease (FOS-CD-1)
Clinical and Functional Neuroanatomy (FOS-CFN)
Cutting edge Immunology: from Chemistry to Metabolism (FOS-CIm)
Clinical Pharmacology (FOS-CPh)
Depression and other Stress Related Disorders (FOS-Depr)
Finding new causes of thrombosis: the clinical-epidemiological approach (FOS-FTh)
From Genetic Disease to Functional Genomics (FOS-GDFG)
Glyco Biology in Health and Diseaese (FOS-GHD)
Genome (in)stability, cancer and ageing (FOS-GICA)
Imaging in Neurosciences (FOS-ImN)
Molecular Data Sciences (FOS-MDS)
Molecular Virology of RNA Viruses (FOS-MoVi)
Optogenetics and Immortogenetics (FOS-OICRT)
The Pathophysiology of Coagulation (FOS-PaCo)
Proteomics in Biomedical Research (FOS-PBR)
Pathogen Host Interactions (FOS-PHI)
Research Applications of Developmental Biology (FOS-RADB)
Regulation of the Immune Response in Human Disease (FOS-Reg)
Stem Cells (FOS-StC)
Translational Neurogenetics (FOS-TN)