Real-Time PCR & HRMA


The LGTC has several systems available for Real-Time PCR and HRMA. Available equipment:

  • Roche LightCycler 480 V2 (Real-Time PCR, HRMA, and end-point SNP analysis), 384-well block.
  • Fluidigm Biomark: Real-Time PCR, expression analysis, SNP-genotyping, and digital arrays that are especially suited for detection of minimal residual disease and absolute quantification. The system includes a Nanoflex IFC controller 48*48, one 96*96 loader and two access array loaders. We also have access to a 96*96 loader which belongs to an external partner.
  • Idaho Technology LightScanner (HRMA only). In only 10 minutes a 96-well plate can be analyzed. Idaho Technology has become BioFire in 2012.
All additional information on the equipment, technology, assays, probes, and dyes can be found on the above highlighted web pages.

First time users

When you plan to use the Real-Time PCR and HRMA machines for the first time please make an appointment via the LGTC for a training.

Equipment is free to use

The LightCycler 480 V2 and the Lightscanner are free to use. We charge for the use of the Fluidigm, 48*48 loader, the access arrays and the 96*96 loader. The 96*96 loader does not belong to the LGTC. Please contact us for the prices for the use of the 96*96 loader. Provide your own plates and master mixes except for the Fluidigm. For the Fluidigm Biomark we ask you to order the arrays via us so that we try to get bulk discounts from the manufacturer.

User list

Please fill in the user list next to the machines, once is enough. Keep this list up to date. We use it to inform the users about updates, problems, maintenance, and all other issues which can be of importance in the projects.


Once you have been trained on the systems by a LGTC technician, the planning is up to you. Book your time in the LightCycler 480 V2 or Fluidigm Yahoo calendar. Please fill in your name, phone number, type of plate and run. Do not reserve more time than needed. The Lightscanner does not have an agenda since the HRMA only takes 10 minutes.

Data and data analysis

You are responsible for the data management of your experiments. We regularly delete data from the PCs due to lack of disk space, it is your responsibility to make your own back ups.