Leiden Genome Technology Center

Training and Eduction

Leiden Genome Technology Center (LGTC) staff organize several courses and lectures every year for members of the Medical Genetics Centre (MGC). These courses include:

Single cell data analysis - Next edition in October 2022

This week-long course covers the practicalities of single-cell sample preparation and analysis, with a particular focus on single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) libraries. This course is aimed at both wet-lab researchers interested in learning how to analyse their own single-cell data sets, as well as bioinformaticians who are new to single-cell sequencing analysis. Basic knowledge of the programming language R is a prerequisite for participating in the course.

Technology Facilities - Next edition in Q1 2023

This one-day course is directed at PhD students who just started their research, but other participants are also welcome. The program consists of short lectures explaining the different genomics technologies available at LUMC’s core facilities and Erasmus MC.

Next-generation sequencing data analysis - Next edition in August 2022

The aim of this course is to give a broad overview of varying NGS applications, focusing on different ways to analyse the data. Presentations will discuss the different choices available for data analysis, why a specific approach was selected, and which alternatives are available. Besides discussing and demonstrating some widely applicable tools, the course doesn’t include practical data analysis nor will specific algorithms be discussed in detail. For practical experience, participants should follow more specific courses (e.g. a course on RNAseq, de novo assembly, metagenomics, etc.) after this general introductory course.