Leiden Genome Technology Center

Shared equipment for internal users

We have several instruments available for LUMC researchers. We also provide the necessary consumables and reagents.

First-time users and external users

First time users will get a short introduction course by an LGTC technician, and will be allowed to use the instrument once training is completed. Please contact the LGTC to make an appointment.

We ask that you do not train your colleagues yourself, but redirect them to our team for the introduction course instead. This is necessary for us to manage our system and keep track of all users.

Certain equipment is also available for external use. Users from outside LUMC can contact the LGTC for more information: info@lgtc.nl.

General Rules

  • Please place an order through the LGTC ordering system for all consumables and reagents used. You can deliver the signed order form outside room R5-22. You need a valid account and a valid budget number to use the order system.
  • Please follow the protocols described by the manufacturer. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Inform us when the stock of consumables and reagents is almost empty. This will prevent materials being out of stock for the next user. Please consider that you may be the next user.
  • It is your own responsibility to store your data. The LGTC cannot be held responsible for data management.
  • The LGTC cannot be held responsible if your run fails. There will be no refund for used consumables and reagents.


Please contact info@lgtc.nl for:

  • First time user training - contact us in advance, so we can assist you. This training is mandatory.
  • Calendar access for shared equipment
  • Miscellaneous instrument usage
  • For problems, complaints, or special requirements