Ion Proton Life Technologies

Seminconductor sequencing

The LGTC has one Ion Proton system.


Ion ProtonThe Ion Proton is a desktop sequence machine that uses disruptive semiconductors sensors to give a real-time measurement of hydrogen ions that are released during DNA template extension. A high-density array of wells on the Ion semiconductor chips provides millions of individual reactors while an integrated fluidics system allows reagents to flow over the sensor array. The direct measurement of hydrogen ions circumvents the need for fluorescent labeled nucleotides and time consuming imaging, thus reducing sequencing time. 


The Ion Proton PI chip generates 60-80M reads with an average read length of 175 bp. Data output is a FASTQ file.


  • Small genome sequencing
  • amplicon sequencing
  • CAGE/SAGE sequencing
  • RNAseq