10x Genomics Chromium

The GemCode Technology:  A fully integrated solution for RNA and DNA analysis

In September 2016, the LGTC acquired the 10x Genomics Chromium Controller.  

The 10x Chromium partitions cells or long DNA molecules (including >100kb) and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel such that all fragments produced within a partition share a common barcode.


  • Single Cell 3’ Solution. High-throughput single cell expression measurements that enable discovery of gene expression dynamics and molecular profiling of individual cell types.  Up to 80,000 cells can be processed in one run.
  • Single Cell V(D)J Solution. A comprehensive, scalable tool for profiling full-length paired V(D)J transcripts from hundreds to millions of lymphocytes.  This new solution enables assembly of full-length V(D)J sequences on a cell-by-cell basis, providing high resolution insights into the adaptive immune system.
  • Genome Solution. The Chromium Genome Solution provides long range information on a genome-wide scale, including variant calling, phasing and extensive characterization of genomic structure. Unlock crucial genetic information for variants in heritable disorders, and discover key genomic alterations in cancer.
  • Exome Solution. The Chromium exome Solution uses the power of linked-reads to fully resolve genic phasing, structural variation, and detect variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the exome.
  • De novo Assembly Solution. The Chromium de novo Assembly Solution opens the door to low-cost, every day diploid genome assemblies.  With its simple workflow, low DNA input requirements, and automated data analysis, the Chromium de novo Assembly Solution enables true diploid genome assembly like never before.

Please contact info@lgtc.nl for further information regarding library prep and sequencing options for 10x projects.