Liquid Handling systems

Mid 2013 the LGTC acquired several new liquid handling systems from Perkin Elmer (previous known as Caliper). These pipetting robots are used to increase the sample preparation throughput, quality and reduce hands-on time for NGS purposes within the LGTC. The new systems consist out of one Sciclone NGSx workstation and two Zephyr workstations (both in a different setup).

Sciclone NGSx

Sciclone NGSx

The Sciclone NGSx is a liquid handeling robot with a 96-well high volume pipetting head using tips. The operational deck includes several cooling/heating blocks for 96-well or 348-well plates, cooling/heating 96-well plate shaker and 96-well plate magnets. With the gripper plates, lids and pipetboxes can be moved across the deck for extra flexibility. The NGSx is mainly used for sample preparation including Illumina Truseq (including barcoding), Illumina RNAseq, Kapa (illumina) sample preparation and pooling/normalization. Some of these protocols are “Golden Standard”, this means they are fully supported and standardized by Perkin Elmer. Since the NGSx is such a flexible system it could be used for many other (custom) applications.


The two smaller Zephyrs are used for DNA/RNA isolation and/or purification with beads and normalization. Some of these applications are also “Golden Standard”. The Zephyrs also use a 96-well high volume pipetting head with tips and also comes with a gripper to move objects across the deck.

Sciclone ALH 3000 

Beside the new systems, the LGTC still has its older Caliper Automated Liquid Handling Sciclone (ALH) 3000 system in use. Much like the Sciclone NGSx, the Sciclone ALH 3000 is a flexible machine with many options. It has three pipetting systems:

  1. A 96-well high volume pipetting head using tips (up to 200µl).
  2. A 96-well low volume pipetting head using tips (1-25µl).
  3. A 8 channel multi pipetting head, which can be operate independently from each other.

It includes a 96-well PCR machine (Biometra) and a spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus384) for UV reading of 96- and 384- well plates.

Rainin Liquidator 96

For quick and easy pipetting projects (2-200µl) of only a few 96- or 384-well plates we have the Rainin Liquidator 96 free to use for anyone. We only ask users to place a direct order for the used tips. First time users: ask the LGTC how to use it.