Liquid handling / Robotics

Liquidator 96

96 multi channel manual pipetting system for 96- and 384-well plates. 

Bring a signed order report for the used tips (LGTC order system)

Sciclone ALH 3000 Liquid Handling Workstation

Automated liquid handling workstation for any automated liquid handling application, from 1 – 200µl in 96 or 384 well format. Includes a spectrophotometer and a PCR machine.

Tecan EVO150 (dedicated for Illumina BeadChips)

Robotic workstation dedicated for the processing of Illumina BeadChips.

First time user training: To scan your first slides, please contact us in advance so we can assist you. This training is obligatory.

Book your time (in-house only) and bring a signed order report (LGTC order system)