Genomics (LGTC)

Genomics (Leiden Genome Technology Center)

The Leiden Genome Technology Center (LGTC) is the genomics & transcriptomics facility of the LUMC. The LGTC is focused on the development of high-throughput methodologies and bioinformatic tools for genomic research, and it also provides access to advanced technology and biological resources. Both academic researchers (within and outside the LUMC), as well as commercial entities can use the LGTC.



Position in (inter) national context

The LGTC has state-of-the-art technology that allows (high-throughput) genomics and transcriptomics analysis. In general, technology is available from two or more suppliers giving the possibility to make the best choice based on the combination of performance and cost. The LGTC focuses on innovation and technology development, i.e. making things possible, not on production. Some platforms that are available are at the cutting edge of current research possibilities, including an Array-on-Demand system (FlexGen), nanoliter PCR and/or single cell analysis (Fluidigm) and single molecule sequencing systems (Pacific Biosciences).

Cohesion within the LUMC

The LGTC participates in many research projects within the LUMC. In addition to providing access to the technology, the LGTC can also be contacted for advice; technological options, best methodological approach, cost analysis and training (for details; Recently, the LGTC has extended its service portofolio to include bioinformatics support, both general and custom-designed. The LGTC organises and participates in many courses where the focus is on new technologies and ways to analyse the data, e.g. next-generation sequencing and data analysis. To spread its knowledge to the general public, the LGTC is also part of the LeveDNA! initiative (

Future plans / investments

Anticipated are investments in automation, digital PCR and additional DNA sequencing technology, moving towards label-free, single molecule sequencing and single-cell analysis.