Miscellaneous equipment


Design and synthesize custom micro-arrays. On-glass synthesis of oligonucleotides using lasers. The arrays are suitable for a wide range of genetic analyses.

Roche 454

Genome sequencer FLX 454 from Roche Life sciences.

Blue Pippin

DNA size selection for Next-Gen sequencing with pulsed-field (100bp-50kb)

SageHLS HMW Library System

Extract up to 2MB DNA directly from cells

Pyrosequencing AB – PSQ™ 96 System 

Pyrosequencing system.

Applied Biosystems – ABI PRISM® 3730 Analyzer 

48 capillary sequencer.

Genomic Solutions – Omnigrid 100 micro-Arrayer 

Microarray spotter.

Beckman Coulter – BIOMEK 2000 robotic workstation 

SideLoader system for performing large numbers of clone and plate transfers (incl. high-density gridding), DNA-preparations and pipetting runs.

Genomic Solutions – GeneTAC G3 Robotic Workstation 

For colony picking, library copying, re-arraying (making clone sub-collections).