LUMC hiPSC Hotel

Team and Contact

At the LUMC hiPSC Hotel, we generate research-grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and genetically modify hiPSCs with CRISPR/Cas9. Our team consists of researchers and technicians who use state of the art techniques.

Our team 

Christian Freund, Head of LUMC hiPSC Hotel 

Babet van der Vaart, Senior researcher

Christiaan Arendzen, Technician 

Louise Reckman, Technician

Esmée Grundeken, Technician 


The LUMC hiPSC Hotel offers the generation of research-grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), as well the genetic modification of hiPSCs with CRISPR/Cas9. Contact us for more information about our services.


Tel: +31- (0)71-526 8889

Visiting address:

LUMC hiPSC Hotel
Room T1-56/ R3-20

Postal address:

LUMC hiPSC Hotel
Postal zone: S-1-P
P.O. Box 9600
2300 RC Leiden
The Netherlands