Data Analytics

Setting up new collaborations: Services

Data Analytics offers advice on advanced quantitative and computational methods for biomedical and clinical researchers. We have wide expertise in bioinformatics, computational biology, data science, epidemiology, image processing, sequencing and statistics. We want to stimulate new collaborations between researchers with expertise in Data Analytics and biomedical and clinical researchers.

We can assist in setting up new research collaborations. We have an extensive overview of researchers in the LUMC involved in Data Analytics. If you are a biomedical or clinical researcher in need of methodological expertise, we can bring you in contact with the right persons. Also, we can assist you when you are an expert in quantitative and computational methodology and you are searching for a suitable biomedical or clinical research field.

We are constantly expanding our network within the LUMC. If you are interested in connecting with other researchers involved with quantitative and computational methods, please contact us: